I continuously find  

myself in awe

that my soul has found

exactly what it should be doing.



In Short

I find myself waking up daily blown away that I get to do this as my job. If I'm not traveling the world filming weddings, I'm at home with my furry friend, Forrest, editing wedding films and enjoying both the summers and winters of Colorado. You'll find me hiking, fishing, camping, and skiing on days off - being in nature is where I find true rest. I also run the only Facebook group for destination wedding videographers - I've found that giving back what I have learned to others rivals the fulfillment I feel in making wedding films. 



It's a beautiful thing

when a career

come together.

Life really does throw curveballs at you. I found myself quitting my engineering job years ago to move to an orphanage in Honduras, in hopes of finding greater fulfillment in my endeavors in life. My previous 9-5 only helped fuel my desire to find that which my heart most truly comes alive doing, and by quitting, I showed myself the true power of self and our ability to choose what lives we live. I returned home over half a year later with two major life changes: a completely different outlook on life, and a growing passion for videography.

Much has happened since then, and my journey to becoming a destination wedding videographer is one that I will always look back on with immense gratitude. Truly, I believe I am doing exactly what I should be doing with my life right now. I feel immense fulfillment in creating wedding films, and I would be honored to invite you into my amazing journey- telling the greatest love stories on earth.

and a passion

Travel Filmmaking

In between quitting my job and moving to an orphanage in Honduras, I found myself on a two week road trip with a close friend around the United States. Inspired by videos on Youtube, I set off with a GoPro, an entry level camera, and a drone, hoping to make something that I enjoyed. Turns out, I was just scratching the surface of what would become an incredible passion of mine. 

I'd love for you to see a few of my favorite travel films. Below are links to two of my favorites.

○ Iceland
○ Bali

It all started with travel,

it’s been a

beautiful journey to watch unfold.

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