Your story is worth being told in it's entirety

This experience is not about hours, because not everyone has the same length day. Hours should never limit telling your full story. Early on I switched from hours to days of coverage to ensure I was able to fully tell your story no matter what. 

This is your wedding, let's capture it all.

Package 01

Your choice if your wedding weekend consists of only one day of events

Package 02

Your choice if your wedding weekend is split up between two days.

Package 03

Your choice if your wedding is a multi-day destination wedding. Full coverage is highly advised for these weddings.


+ 1 Day Coverage
+ 1 Videographer
+ 5-7 Minute Highlight Film
+ Full Ceremony film
+ Online Zip Drive Delivery of High-Res Video Files




+ 2 Day Coverage
+ 1 Videographer
+ 5-7 Minute Highlight Film
+ Full Ceremony Film
+ Rehearsal Dinner/Reception Speeches Film
+ Online Zip Drive Delivery of High-Res Video Files




+ 3 Day Coverage
+ 1 Videographer
+ Adventure Portrait Session
+ 6-9 Minute Highlight Film
+ Full Ceremony Film
+ 1-2 Minute Teaser Film
+ Rehearsal Dinner/Reception Speeches Film
+ Online Zip Drive Delivery of High-Res Video Files




+ Wedding Day Coverage

Included in every collection, this is where the bulk of your wedding film comes from! I try to be there for the entirety of your day so I can better tell your story in video form. 

+ 1 Videographer

I solo shoot most weddings that you see on my portfolio, so this is the baseline that you will see in all of my collections. I am extremely comfortable doing this on my own. 

+ Highlight Film

Your main product, the highlight film is your summary film of your wedding day and/or wedding weekend. This is your story, the very thing I have spoken in detail about so far. 

+ Ceremony Film

A beautifully edited ceremony film that captures all the details, people, and special moments of your ceremony. Typically last about half the time the ceremony takes place. I cut out vow audio (unless personal vows) to focus in on what the officiant is saying.

+ Speeches Film

For those that book Collection 02 and higher, the speeches film is a summary film of all speeches that your friends and loved ones give during your weekend, whether it's during the rehearsal dinner or wedding day reception.

+ Adventure Portrait Session

Included in Collection 03, this is what I believe takes films to the next level. Whether it's skydiving, snorkeling, or horseback riding, I love filming adventure portrait sessions.

+ Online Delivery

All final films are delivered online so that you can have a direct download of your wedding video. This is the easiest way for both of us to share your wedding film. 


Budgets are important, but this is an investment. When the flowers wilt and the food is eaten, your photos and video will stand the test of time. Whether it is me or someone else, don't skimp in this area!

things to


This isn’t your


videographer experience



Make sure you connect with your videographer. Whether you realize it or not, your wedding videographer will be around both you and your fiance more on your wedding day than you two will be around each other, so make sure you choose someone that makes you feel comfortable. 


If you like the quality and editing from my work, but haven't found a particular film that really resonates with you - don't fret! You are different, as should your film be, so let's chat about how to make that film that you truly resonate with.

Video Editing

Your wedding weekend ending is just the beginning of where the magic of your film starts to happen. The secret sauce for a good wedding film comes down to the quality of an edit. This is one of my favorite parts of what I do, and I really come to life in the editing suite. 

I take this part of my job very seriously, so even though I travel for most weddings, I only edit when I am at home and can devote 100% of myself to making your wedding film as incredible as possible. 

Not everything that I film on your wedding day makes it into your wedding film. Because of this, I offer purchasing all the raw footage after delivery of your final films as an optional add-on. This extra includes everything that I shot on your wedding day or wedding weekend.

Interested in a vintage feel being added to your film? Well then Super 8mm is the way to go! This add-on adds a timeless, raw feeling to elements of your film. I still shoot your wedding on my high end camera, but this adds some extra spice that really opens up the door to creativity and having a different looking wedding film.

This is probably my favorite add on - delivered within two weeks of your wedding, a teaser film is a fun, short film that gets you, your family, and your friends excited for the full film. Perfect for posting on social media, think of this add-on as a movie trailer... because it is.

Your Speeches Film is an extra that you may choose to add on in the event that you have chosen Collection 01 but still want the speeches from the night of your reception curated into a beautiful film with high quality audio.  

Interested in an extra session that isn't offered in one my collections? This is the perfect option if so. Giving us up to 4 hours of time together, this add-on is a happy medium between a full extra day of coverage if you decide against this option.

Although I function very well by myself on a wedding day, sometimes my brides and grooms feel more at ease having two people covering two different angles. This is most helpful during the ceremony when the bride is walking down the aisle - I can focus on her while my second shooter focuses on the groom's reaction. 



I hope this is the start of an 

amazing journey with you.

Your love story truly excites me.

I’m honored to have been considered 

to tell that story.

Photography by Caroline Stremic Photography, Promise Mountain, and Laurken Kendall